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 Site 00

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Agent Skinner

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PostSubject: Site 00   Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:02 am

Site 00

Site 00 is the most secretive site the SCP Foundation operates, it was specifically designed to house objects that pose a risk of causing a ZK Reality Failure Event. Due to the extreme sensitivity of the artefacts contained at Site 00, it is not located on the planet Earth itself. It's actual position is 200 KM beneath the surface of Mars, thought this could change in the near future (see Addendum 01-A)

SCP's held at site 00 -


Addendum 01-A

"We may need to move this site in the near future, especially as NASA get closer to reaching Mars" - Agent Skinner

"Moving the site? And how do you suppose we'd go about moving 6 objects that have the potential to destroy the entire universe? Where would we move them too? When? How?" - Dr.Overphinch, O7 Command

"What do you think will happen when NASA find it? Would you rather the United States government seize those six 'oh so dangerous' objects?" - Agent Skinner

"Mr.Skinner, this is a site not even O5 know about, that's what we're for, the top men in the Foundation arne't aware of this site, moving them however is almost impossible?" Dr.Overphinch, O7 Command

"To hell with it, I;ll contact you in the morning with a list of possible new sites" - Agent Skinner
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Site 00
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