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PostSubject: SCP-2001   Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:48 am

SCP-2001 - "Infinite Measurements"

Object class: Safe

Containment Procedure: Is to be contained within a 5x5 cell at Site-128 (low danger facility) near [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-2001 is a normal tape measuring device labelled by the brand 'Arsenal Stealstein', however this brand does not appear to exist, the label states that the measure is 20 inches long. The colour of the tape is yellow with black markings and the casing of the tape is blue with a yellow and orange label.

Despite the measures usual appearance from the outside, inside it displays mysterious properties. When extending the tape measure, people will find it extends much further than 20 inches, the longest recorded length of the measure was 27.7 miles. Any attempts to open the casing of the tape measure have failed, it is currently unknown weather the tape measure has an ending or is simply infinite.
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