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PostSubject: SCP-2002-N   Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:31 am

SCP-2002-N - "Human Plant"

Object Class:
Euclid Neutralized

Containment Procedures: Object has been neutralized as of 18/01/89.

Object is contained within a 20m x 12m containment chamber constructed from 2 inches of Concrete. Object is to be observed at all times by 4 guards inside the containment chamber, and by 3 doctors, outside the containment chamber. Any change in behavior is to be reported. During testing, containment procedures Alpha-01 and Alpha-02 must be on stand by.

Description: SCP-2002 is a a wild plant resembling that of the plant species 'Yucca brevifolia'. It is approximately 7 feet 4 inches tall and was discovered growing in the south Californian desert in July 1987 by a Mr & Mrs Jenkins.

On the outside everything about SCP-2002 is consistant with that of a normal 'yucca brevifolia' plant, however upon internal analysis it is extremely different (See interview log 2002-A1J), it's contents are also extremely dangerous (see experiment log 2002-G)

Quote :


Dr.Winkle - So tell me, what did the inside of the plant look like exactly?

Mr.Jenkins - It's hard to describe really... it wasn't like anything I'd seen before, at first we thought it had been stuffed, it had like this fluff like stuff.

Dr.Winkle - What do you mean by 'fluff like stuff', expand on that if you can..

Mr.Jenkins - It was like.. cotton wool? We poured water on it, it was hot you know, like really hot.. burned the skin off my fingers.

Dr.Winkle - Did anything strange happen to the water?

Mr.Jenkins - Well it definitely didn't get absorbed into it like you'd expect, it just ran over the top of it.

Dr.Winkle - What did you find after getting through the cotton like substance?

Mr.Jenkins - It was like.. blood, it came spurting out at first, everywhere, I had to fetch a towel, then it started making large screeching noises.. that's when.. (Stops abruptly, showing signs of distress)

Dr.Winkle - What happened Mr. Jenkins? It's important we know.

Mr.Jenkins - The damn thing took her.. she was just trying to stop the blood rushing.. she tried to cover it.. but it grabbed her arm, pulled her in.. then it.. oh god! (Breaks down into crying and distressed screaming)

Dr.Winkle - Mr. Jenkins? Took who? Mr. Jenkins?

Guards subsequently removed Mr. Jenkins from the room and placed him inside the site infirmary. He made a partial recovery over the course of 4 days and was contained for further questioning.

14:30 22/05/88: Subject died after committing suicide in his cell, possible cause of suicide is psychosis due to extreme psychological/emotional distress.

Experiment Log 2002-G



Termination Log:

After the containment breach incident, Dr. Kelser suggested that SCP-2002 be terminated.
Termination request granted - O5-3x

Sample was terminated via incineration.

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