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PostSubject: SCP-2004   Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:12 am

SCP-2004 - "Answer My Question"

Object Class: Safe/Keter (see Addendum 2004-1)

Containment Procedure: SCP-2004 is to be contained within a 20m x 20m x 20m cell at Site 15. All personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher are free to communicate to SCP-2004 Personnel require permission from O5-3x and a security clearance level of 4 or higher to communicate with SCP-2004 (changes were made after the Frankheart incident)

Description: SCP-2004 is a set of 'Phillips' brand speakers connected to a 'Acoustica' brand Microphone. The speakers are primarily coloured black with silver rims around the speakers as is the microphone. Both do not appear to have any kind of power source, unplugging the microphone from the speakers has no effect on the working of the artefact.

When the microphone is spoken into, the speakers give out a reply to any statement, though it does not seem to be good at personal conversation, it does respond positively to answering questions (see experiment log 2004-A).

SCP-2004 has the ability to answer any question with a 100% correction rate, even personal questions in which only two personnel are aware of the answer too come out 100% correct, even though SCP-2004 had no prior knowledge of the answer.

Addendum 2004-1

Object was reclassified a potential Keter object due to the object been used for destructive means:

Quote :
Interview Log:

SCP-2004 - Hello, Dr.Frankheart
Dr.Frankheart - Hello, SCP-2004, I have a little job for you.
SCP-2004 - Yes, Dr.Frankheart?
Dr.Frankheart - Will you release the containment gate at Gate C to allow for the escape of SCP-[REDACTED] for me?
SCP-2004 - Yes, Dr.Frankheart.
Dr.Frankheart - Thank you.

The gate at Gate C subsequently opened and caused a Site wide containment breach, several objects escaped, two of which were classified as Keter.

Mobile Task Force Delta-6 was dispatched and re-contained all items.

Dr.Frankheart was assigned to Keter duty and stripped of all clearance level privileges permanently.

Experiment Log 2004-A:

SCP-2004 was asked what colour the table tops were in Dr.Winkle's office.
SCP-2004 replied that they were blue with a white outer rim.

Answer was correct.

SCP-2004 was asked to describe the exact diameter of a pineapple.
SCP-2004 replied, 13 inches.

After measuring Pineapple the diameter was proved to be 13 inches.

SCP-2004 was asked the exact size of Dr.Kelser's [REDACTED].
SCP-2004 replied with [DATA EXPUNGED].

Answer was not tested as Dr.Kelser was too embarrassed.

SCP-2004 was asked if it liked to get freaky.

Questioner was assigned to one week of Euclid testing.
SCP-2004 replied that it did.

SCP-2004 was asked if the universe would suffer a ZK Reality Failure Event in its upcoming future.
SCP-2004 replied [DATA EXPUNGED].
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Agent Skinner

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PostSubject: Re: SCP-2004   Wed Dec 12, 2012 10:13 am

Great articles, wrong topic though?
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