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PostSubject: SCP-2005-D   Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:54 am

SCP-2005-D - "The Unauthordox Child"

Object Class: Safe Decommissioned

Containment Procedure: SCP was decommissioned as of [REDACTED].

SCP-2005-D is contained within a 5m x 5m bedroom like chamber. The chamber must be filled with toys and sketch books and child is required to create at least two stories of variable length per week, topic of these stories is not to be specified.

Description: SCP-2005 is a young boy which tests show is around the age of 7, and responds to the name 'Billy'. He is approximately 4 ft. 2 inch. in height, weights around 15 kg and has flat brown hair, brown eyes and is Caucasian in ethnicity. He has been observed to enjoy colouring books, dinosaur toys and astronomy.

SCP-2005 was brought to the Foundation's attention when in a short story he wrote during an English lesson at St. Nicholas's Junior & Infant School, Warwick, UK, he told the tale of a meteor strike hitting the surface of Mars killing a number of 'Aliens' which were described as [DATA EXPUNGED], baring a striking resemblance to SCP-[REDACTED].

The Foundation seized the transcript, illustrations and the child and administered all persons involved class B amnesiacs. Comparing the illustrations and description with SCP-[REDACTED] proved that both matched with no in-discrepancies.

Approximately 135 tests were run on the child over the course of two years in order to determine if the child could create exact descriptions of SCP's and other anomalous artefacts, however all stories that followed appeared to be Dinosaur related and showed very little resemblance to any SCP's.

Decommission Log:

I suggest we decommission this SCP, it's been two years and no other unusual stories have surfaced after at least 100 tests, I also object to holding a child of just 9 years old for no reason other than to test for behaviours he clearly does not have any more, if ever he did have such behaviours. - Dr.Winkle

Agreed, SCP will be decommissioned and sent to an adoption centre at an undisclosed location, thought we will keep am eye on him for a few years inside his new life, see anything new pops up. - O5-4x

SCP was decommissioned on [REDACTED] and sent to [REDACTED], AZ.
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