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PostSubject: SCP-2006   Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:59 am

SCP-2006 - "Wolf"

Object Class: Keter

Containment Procedure: SCP-2006 is to be contained within a 12m x 12m x 20m chamber and observed at all times by no less than four doctors, no less than five MTF units must be on stand by in case of a containment breach (see Containment breach record SCP-2006-A). The chamber can be decompressed to induce 'dormant state' of SCP-2006.

There is currently no known method of terminating SCP-2006 (see Termination log 2006-A).

NOTE: As of CB-2006-6, SCP-2006 has been classed an potential 'XK Event' object all resources must be focussed on the termination of SCP-2006

Description: SCP-2006 is a wolf like creature that appears to be a biped, it is around 3 meter's in height and is equipped with three 7 inch long razors on eat hand, they are primarily used to swipe at its prey. It is covered entirely in mid-length brown hair, limbs appear to have large amounts of muscular growth, predictions dictate it has around several times the strength of a normal human male.

SCP-2006 was discovered after a unidentified flying object (UFO) crash landed in [REDACTED], Japan. It was investigated by the Japanese military but kept out of sight of the Japanese media, before foundation agents arrived and administered amnesiacs to all involved parties. Confiscated from the craft was SCP-2006, original craft was incinerated.

The claws of SCP-2006 appear to have a biological effect on humans that are cut by them (See experiment log 2006-A).

After killing its victim it will not devour it as many would expect, instead it appears to be a herbivore and prefers to consume plants.

Experiment Log 2006-A

Level 3 Access is Required


Containment Breach Record 2006-A

Level 3 Access Required


Termination Log 2006-A


Report from O7 Command

This thing has obviously put the Foundation in a very tricky situation. SCP-2006 is far to dangerous to keep at an XK level site, it seems to adapt to any new containment procedure we implement to the point where it has even seemed to reproduce itself. Though the object is no where near a ZK object, I doubt the whole universe is threatened by one or two wolf guys with a love for plants.

With that I can only suggest that it stays at an XK site, or that O5 invest come money in building a site of its own, maybe one on the moon where it can't destroy the planet.

All efforts and resources appointed to SCP-2006 from now on will be focused on the primary goal of terminating SCP-2006, all appointed to this squad will be considered as MTF 2006-XK-01, you don't have to remember it, but it would be nice if you could, if not then just refer to them as 'the wolf dudes', I'll know what it means - O7-2x
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