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Agent Skinner

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PostSubject: SCP-2000   Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:21 am

This is one of a few SCP articles I wrote for fun, and never really thought I'd use.


SCP-1638 "Anomalous Building"

Object Class: Euclid/Keter (see Addendum 1638)

Containment Procedure: SCP-1638 is contained within a 2 kilometre squared compound, marked with 3 layers of electric fencing and two, 12 metre high brick walls. Site has only one entrance point, this is guarded by three automated turret systems (these are switched off for special visitors and programmed not to fire at O5 Command personnel), these measures are in place for good reason (see Addendum 1638).

Description: SCP-1638 is a large building complex situated in [DATA EXPUNGED], resembling that of a mental asylum. Anyone who enters SCP-1638 will immediately feel nauseous; these effects last for approximately 15-25 minutes before dissipating.

Those who have entered SCP-1638 have reported experiencing strange corridor reformation and unusual ‘ghostly’ sightings. Amongst these anomalous sightings is SCP-1638-1, a male humanoid around 48 years of age. He is repeatedly seen laid in various beds at Ward 12 alongside SCP-1638-2, a male humanoid of around 86 years of age, both will leave there beds and roam the complex aimlessly until encountering another being other than themselves, at which point both will attempt to intimidate the subject until it leaves the complex. Methods of intimidation include ‘playing’ with the victims visual cortex in order to cause hallucination and letting off loud noises that generally cause distress in humans and on more than one occasions, psychosis. On one occasion SCP-1638-2 was observed jumping through a wall, landing approximately 1.3 metres in front of a test subject, upon landing SCP-1638-2 let off a large ‘Boo’ before a muttering of incomprehensible speech, after which test subject ran back towards the entrance in extreme fear and anxiety. Due to corridor reformation, test subject was lost inside the complex and has not been seen in previous tests.

SCP-1638-1 appears to show signs of sentience and has spoken on three occasions to Agent Skinner (see Addendum 1638).

It is currently unknown what, if anything, causes the appearance of SCP-1638-1 and SCP-1638-2, nor what causes these anomalies to form at SCP-1638 itself.

Addendum 1638
Audio Log from Agent Skinner in conversation with SCP-1638-1

- Agent Skinner: What do you want? If your intelligent, speak to me.
- SCP-1638-1: We want everyone, everyone and everything.
- Agent Skinner: Why do you want them? What for?
- SCP-1638-1: When we get out of here Damien, you’ll understand perfectly, your defences are no match for what you have coming for you.
- Agent Skinner: I don’t recall telling you my first name?
- SCP-1638-1: Chuckles to self. Consider it a demonstration of my power; soon you will see the full force, this planet, will feel the burning of the souls we have lost.

SCP-1638-1 subsequently passed directly through Agent Skinner and through the wall opposite him, he has not be sighted since.

It is currently unknown how SCP-1638-1 accumulated the knowledge of Agent Skinner’s first name, nor why it chose to speak to Agent Skinner without attempting to detour him from staying inside the compound. Further communications testing with Agent Skinner to objects within SCP-1638 is encouraged.

Since then the containment site has been extended to a 2km radius, electric fences have been in stated and brick wall defences as well as three automated turrets.

“I’ve seen this things power, I suggest we install some kind of nuclear defence, just in case” – Agent Skinner

Request was denied.

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PostSubject: Re: SCP-2000   Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:31 am

Neatly done... Great work...
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PostSubject: Re: SCP-2000   Mon Dec 10, 2012 8:56 am

Hmm. Very interesting indeed.
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PostSubject: Re: SCP-2000   

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