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PostSubject: SCP-2007   Fri Jul 17, 2015 8:22 am

Object Class: Euclid Keter (See Experiment Log 2007-B)

SCP-2007 poses potential threat of XK Level 'Extinction scenario' (See Addendum 2007-A)

Containment Procedures:
SCP-2007 is to be contained inside a chamber constructed of reinforced lead. Thickness of chamber walls must be no less than 150m and size of chamber is 2m x 2m in size. Chamber is located 10KM beneath the surface of Earth's largest satellite, the Moon. SCP-2007 and its chamber may be moved to any off-world location under these perametres.

Direct contact with SCP-2007 must be conducted via recording device. Only expendable D-Class subjects may enter the chamber at any given time. Another must be used to retrieve the recording device from the chamber after recording is complete.

Description: SCP-2007 is a spherical object composed completely of the theoretical element [DATA EXPUNGED], situated in the theoretical second island of stability of the periodic table of elements as theorized by Yuri Oganessian. It is approximately 15cm in cirumference. Its weight it currently unknown (See Experiment Log 2007-A).

SCP-2007 was discovered by a nuclear physicist and chemist in [REDCATED], Japan by the name of [DATA EXPUNGED], whilst experimenting with a particle accelorator. The Foundation became aware SCP-2007 when the body of the scientist was discovered in his house in his village where he had been experimenting. His body was said to be found in an extreme state of decomposition and was extremely radioactive. The Foundation did not move in to detain SCP-2007 until a later report was aired online about the deaths of all 231 residents of the same village. All bodies were found in a similar state to that of the scientist. After this event, the Foundation issued a mass distribution of Class A amnesiacs to the population of Japan via [DATA EXPUNGED] and seized SCP-2007.

When a living organism enters within a radius of 0.5KM  around SCP-207, the phenomena now designated SCP-2007-1 will occur. SCP-2007-1 is a high frequences Gamma ray emission, directed in all directions from SCP-2007. The speed of the emission is thought to be 99% the speed of light and many times that of a gamma ray burst from any observed cosmic phenomenon.

Due to its extreme intensity, the radiation has been nicknamed "Omega radition" by the Foundation.

When SCP-2007-1 comes into contact with organic matter, said matter will immediately begin to decompose. Death will occur in between 0.5-2 minutes depending on length of exposure and distance from SCP-2007. Complete decompostion will occur within 10 minutes.

Experiment Log 2007:

Addendum 2007-A

An extract from the log of site administrator, Dr.[REDACTED].

Dr.[REDACTED], Site 33 Administrator wrote:
"Since the events of experiment of Experiment 2007-B, internal sensors have detected the periodic decay of the chamber walls on a subatomic level. It just so happens that since that experiment, SCP-2007-1 has been active at twice its standard intensity.

The events of Experiment Log 2007-B also indicate a possible intelligence to SCP-2007. As a result I urge O5x command to designate this object an XK level threat, possibly even ZK level if this thing continues."

Currently, it is estimated that SCP-2007-1 will completely decay its containment chamber within the next 6 months.

Dialogue between Admin and xO5 comand wrote:

"I advise that we neutralize this SCP as soon as possible, or begin finding a way too" - Dr.[REDCATED]

"Permission to do so is authorized, Doctor" - O5-1x
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