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 'Make Your Own' - Rules

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Agent Skinner

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PostSubject: 'Make Your Own' - Rules   Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:37 am

When creating an SCP, I ask that you carry on from the most recently used designation, we will be staring at 2000, for any others just give it a name. Also, please add a name (preferably in brackets after the SCP name) that describes your SCP best e.g. SCP-682: Hard to destroy reptile.

Everything else is free to designate as your please.

  • If your SCP is supposed to be non-serious (a joke SCP), mark it at the end with a '-J' for example.. SCP-2311-J. Normal SCP articles can remain as they are, the SCP number does not matter either.
  • If your creating an archived SCP (for information of archived SCP's, visit the wiki), add 'ARC' to the end of the name (e.g. SCP-2311-ARC).
  • If your creating an decommissioned SCP (check wiki for more info) add '-D' to the end of your SCP name (e.g. SCP-2311-D)

  • If your creating an explained SCP (see wiki) just add '-EX' to the end of the SCP name (e.g. SCP 2311-EX)

You may also create audio/conversation logs, addendums, revised version of SCP's both in this section and from the Wiki, anomalous items and events, foundation tales, incident reports, visual records and any other form of creative writting interest associated with the SCP Foundation, as long as the material does not already exist, existing material can be discussed in the 'SCP Articles' section.

There are no rules regarding what your SCP is, that's the fun of it, be creative.

In case its your first time writting an SCP article, you may want to refer to the SCP Wiki ( and read the tips for creating an SCP article.

Enjoy yourself's guys! Be creative!
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'Make Your Own' - Rules
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